Fresh country ham, Gruyère cheese and Béchamel
Classic three day recipie made with imported french butter.
Twice-Bakes, Fresh Almond Paste, Sliced Almonds
QBH Custard, Blegian Chocolate, Laminated Dough
Cocoa Infused Dough, Chocolate Creameux
Smooth Cheese Filing, Fresh Stawberry Puree


Baked Fresh Daily

Carrot Cream, cheesecake cream and carrot cake
Passion fruit mousse, blueberry creamer, blueberry ganache, passion fruit jelly and coconut cake
Strawberry jelly, cheesecake cream, and graham cracker crust
Fudge Brownie, peanut butter caramel, peanut butter mousse and chocolate ganache

Raspberry jelly, lemon Curd, raspberry ganache, meringue
Banana Cake, soft caramel and banana mousse
Dark chocolate creamer



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